Xbox One Sync Button Not Working – 4 Easy Solutions

Is your Xbox One Sync Button Not Working? How Do I fix it? Go through the whole post to know the solution.

These days Xbox users are really frustrated when their Xbox one sync button won’t work, and it’s really a disturbing problem while you are into gameplay. 

It’s still a normal issue for users, but ultimately it won’t allow you to control your games anymore, and you may lose a game. However, you don’t have to replace your controller as I am here to tell you how you can easily fix it.

So let’s get started…

Xbox One Sync Button Not Working – 4 Solutions

  • Resyncing your Xbox Controller
  • Updating the Controller Software
  • Current Status Of Controller
  • Rebooting the Console

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#1. Re-Syncing your Xbox Controller

Here, you have to re-sync your Xbox controller in this method if it is disconnected while playing the game but after waiting for a few minutes.

There are two different ways in which a user can connect to the controller 🎮. I am telling you both the ways in which you can sync with the Xbox controller.

  1. Method 1: Using USB Cable 
  2. Method 2: Wirelessly

Using USB Cable

usb cable

I feel this is an easy method to connect the controller with the help of a USB Cable. Most users pick this if they face any syncing problem while they are playing.

For this method to apply, you need a USB cable, which you get in the package kit. Once you have the cable in your hand, simply connect one end to the controller and the other with Console.

Note: Here, the USB cable can vary as it depends on the controller type. Both the cables, i.e., Micro and Type C cable, will work.

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Connecting Wirelessly

The users who want to connect it wirelessly can follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, turn on your Xbox Console.
  2. Next, by pressing the Xbox button, turn on the controller. Make sure you have the double AA batteries.
  3. After that, you have the press the Bind button. In consoles like Xbox One and Xbox One X & S, they have the button on the side and front of the drive, respectively.
  4. Now, you also need to press the Bind button long on your controller to connect with the Xbox One Console successfully. Please wait for the Xbox button until it flashes.
  5. The Xbox button will be lighted up, which means you have successfully paired with the console.

Note: People who want to connect more controllers with your Xbox One console can repeat the above steps. The maximum you can pair up to 8 Xbox controllers.

#2. Updating the Controller Software

Here is the second method for fixing up ‘Xbox One Controller Sync Button Not Working.’ One of the reasons is because of outdated controller software. So, here you have to update the software to have the latest update.

(1). Connect the Xbox One Controller to the Console by using the USB Cable.

(2). After that Sign-In into your Xbox Live account.

(3). Now, go to the Menu bar and from there, select the Settings option.

(4). From here, select the Devices & streaming option.

xbox settings


(5). Then, open the Accessories option.

devices and streaming

(6). Xbox Wireless Controller box will be opened. Now, click on the three dots.

xbox wireless controller

(7). Your update option will be opened and you can see the Firmware version for the controller. (In our case, there are no updates available as you can see on the image.)

xbox firware update

(8.) If the update is available then click on the Update Now button.

xbox update

(9). The update will take some time on your Xbox Console to complete the update successfully. Once the update is finished, you can check whether the sync problem is fixed or not. Hopefully, it should solve the problem.

#3. Current Status Of Controller

xbox one controller

This is one of the basic steps you can check, i.e., your Xbox Controller’s status. There may be a minor problem, which is not letting the controller to sync properly.

1.Battery Status

Make sure you have the charged batteries for your controller. This is a common issue that everyone faces while they are playing daily. So, either you can replace or charge the batteries (most probably replace them).

2. Proper Connection Status

Sometimes it happens, your controller starts not responding, and this may be due to objects nearby like your Wi-Fi routers, Printers, Speakers, etc. So, in this case, make sure you have a proper distance between your console and controller for a fast and responding connection.

#4. Rebooting the Console

Rebooting the console is the next and final option to fix the Xbox one sync button problem.

To reboot the Xbox One Console, follow the steps:

(1). Hold the Xbox button and press it for about 10 seconds to shut down.

power on xbox

(2). Now, wait for 1 or 2 minutes and turn on your Xbox One console.

(3). Once it is on, try to connect the controller with your console.

Final Words

Finally, we are at the end of this post based on the Xbox one sync button not working. These were the four methods you can try, and if still the problem is not fixed, then it is surely hardware issues. In that case, contact the support team of Microsoft and tell them to check the console.

And, if any of the above methods fixes your problem, then comment below.

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