5 Ways to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 27

Windows update stuck at 27 is a thing that many of the windows operating system users search for. As we know, how important are the windows updates for the smooth running of the PC?

Every other update comes with something new or debugged programs from the previous updates. So that Microsoft making sure the windows are working fine.

But during the installation of these updates, most users may or may not have experienced stuck in between the updating process or lag that may stay for hours.

Moreover, it is happening more at 27% for above 50% of the users who experience this update stuck, and it will take away a large part of your time by doing nothing.

After all, you may be looking for some methods to solve this problem. Then here are some of those options that you can try.

Understanding The State of Updation

It is essential to understand the situation correctly before you do something to solve it by mistake and make it worse.

There will be some information about the current process alongside the percentage that will be shown on the window. And sometimes it will last for a maximum of one or two hours.

A command like “Configuring Windows Updates, Do not turn off your computer” will be that information you see on the monitor.

It’s all good until the process gets stuck and makes you waste your time without letting you know that it is stuck.

To ensure that the Windows update process is stuck, you can wait for three hours maximum. If it remains the same, you can conclude that it will not restart on its own.

So, you have to do something to resume the installation or abort the process.

Reason for Windows Update Stuck at 27

Before going further on repairing the PC, it is essential to know some facts about why this stuck happens at 27 during a Windows update.

Some software issues or conflicts that did not come onto the surface until the installation begin mostly causes these kinds of interruption problems.

Moreover, it happens with all the Windows operating system versions regardless of any specific version.

Methods You Can Try to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 27

Here are the methods you can try to fix this issue. Make sure you follow the guidelines carefully.

Logging In Using “Ctrl +  Alt +Del Keys”

This is a common method used even in a Windows PC in the working mode that will show some options through which you can control task manager or login options.

Here you have to press and hold all these keys at the same time and log on as usual into your computer. Then you can install the updates later effectively.

Restarting the PC

startup settings

Hard rebooting the PC is the only way when the update is totally stuck, including the above-mentioned option to regain control over your PC.

So, simply pressing the reset button will restart the PC, and there are chances that Windows will automatically resolve the problem and install the update effectively.

Advanced boot options menu or other boot settings may occur because of the interruptive rebooting of the system. Then you can select the safe mode from the list and can continue with the booting.

The safe mode is a better way that will halt all the external applications other than the essential programs needed to run the Windows and then install the updates.

You can get out of the Safe Mode by just simply restarting the system once again.

Restoration of the System

Restoring the whole system is a better way to regain control over the device than take the system into a condition in the past.

Always make sure that you have a saved recovery point in the device or restore the system into Windows’s factory mode level. The means it will not have any applications you installed out of the Windows OS.

Check if the RAM is Working

This problem can also occur when the computer memory got faulty or got loose from the slot not to hold the data too long.

Check that the memory is on point and working properly.

Reinstalling Windows

This way is to be considered as the last way to regain control over your PC. Cleaning up the whole Hard Drive and reinstalling a fresh Operating System after repartitioning the disc.

It takes some patience and knowledge to do so, or you can get the procedure from the internet and do it yourself.


So, this was a complete guide on Windows Update Stuck at 27.

The methods mentioned above are for regaining control over your PC from the Windows update at 27 issues during the installation of new updates.

Go with each method, respectively, one after another. It will give the result at any step according to the intensity of Windows’s problem internally.

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