My Computer is Sending Automated Queries

My computer is sending automated queries. This is one of the few problems that heard from the users. This problem results in the rejection of online website entries or other functions because of security concerns.

Sometimes this might be just a small issue because of some configuration changes but you cannot be relaxed with any other kind of automated queries happening from your computer.

It is because of the different situations that an automated query is being born. It can happen because of any software installed on your computer and this installation may not happen with your hands.

It can happen when you giving access permissions to your computer on unsafe websites or online portals. If an application inside your computer is not the cause of these automated queries, then you can expect malware.

Infection or malware that made its way into your computer can be another reason for the automated queries from or to your computer system.

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What is an Automated Query?

Before finding the way to stop the solutions for my computer sending automated queries you have to know some more about it.

First of all, an automated query is a request or a statement that generates automatically from an application without the consent of the user which makes it less reliable and unsafe for both receiver and sender of these queries.

It can be generated from many things like servers, computer networks, applications, etc. But mostly the core cause will be things such as application software, process, services, viruses, etc.

Sometimes this query leads you to rejection in entering any secure sites in the web browsers. Besides, they also warn you about the automated queries from your computer.

Things You Can do to Stop Automated Queries

After all, you may be reading these words to know more about computer sending automated queries and get rid of it as soon as possible. Here are some options you can choose and do to stop these incidents.

Install Antivirus Software in Your Computer

There is no need of explaining the importance of having antivirus software in your computer system.

Even though your Windows operating system comes with an in-built virus protection feature but you can go for other antivirus software like Avast, Kaspersky, Norton, Malwarebytes, etc.

All of this antivirus software comes with a high subscription fee but the free versions can do just fine if you are not working with highly confidential files and need an extreme security level.

  • Install any of these antivirus and antimalware software from their official sites or you can get these in CD packs.
  • Run a full system scan with them.
  • You can select any of the options from the several modes of scanning that they provide.
  • They will automatically detect such malware and viruses and stop the functioning without interfering with whatever things you are doing on your computer.

Change or Cleanup the Browser

If you ever face an automated query situation, it mostly happens because of the currently working plug-in or program within the web browser you are using.

  • All the web browsing application has the options to clean up the cache and the usage data including the history from the settings menu.
  • Before cleaning up the browser, you have to exit from the current browser and try another browser to make sure about the real reason for the problem.
  • If there are no issues with other browsers, then come back and check again in the browser that sent automated queries.
  • If the problem still happening, then you can reinstall it or clean up the browser.

Check and End Suspicious Tasks

You can open the Task Manager tab and look for any suspicious programs that are running in the background.

  • Right-click on the Start button of the windows
  • Select the Task Manager option to open the list of tasks that are currently running in the foreground and background of the system.
  • Look for any hidden process that is happening other than the applications you are currently using along with the basic Windows Softwares.
  • Select the suspicious program and click the End Now button to eliminate that program.

Registry Cleaning

All information about everything that is happened and happening on your computer will be stored at the registry of the system.

So, it can store the suspicious files and malware in the registry and you will not be able to find them anywhere else other than in registry files.

  • Open the Run box with the Windows Key + R shortcut.
  • Type “regedit” in the box and click Ok.
  • Open the location Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • Clean up everything from the registry files other than the Antivirus related files, Windows basic program files, etc.
  • Selecting the programs that you need to close is up to you and remember that every history about the specific program will be removed from your computer.

Take Control Over the Startup Programs

There are several startup applications that you can take control of. Some of them are applications that you never use regularly.

Some others will be those programs that you never know existed inside your computer system. So, keeping them alive that way will make the booting up of your system very slow.

Besides, some unauthorized applications that run like this also can create automated queries.

  • Open the Settings menu of your computer
  • Select the Apps from the list
  • You can find Startup from the list that is shown on the left side of the menu
  • Find if any suspicious or unknown programs have the access to run automatically from the start-up.
  • Remove the permission from any programs that find suspicious and find and uninstall those programs from the Control Panel.

Uninstall Old or Unused Programs

There will be many programs and applications on your computer that you installed in the past and forgot about or become useless.

Find those programs and uninstall them to stop unwanted data traffic inside your system that may cause this kind of automated queries.

  • Open the Apps from the Settings of your computer
  • Select the Apps & Features option from the list
  • Here you can find all the applications that are installed in the system
  • Fins any unused or old applications and uninstall them

Cleanup the Drive

Your computer or network may be sending automated queries because of any malware or programs that are running anywhere in the system.

If you tried every option that you can do to get rid of this situation and failed, then you can go for a whole drive cleanup.

  • Open This PC
  • Right-click on the Local Disk C where usually the program files are stored
  • Then click on the Disk Cleanup button from the tab.

It will clean up all the unwanted files and programs from the drive.


After going through every method you can find your success from any of these methods and stop saying my computer is sending automated queries.

Remember to have good concentration while doing something in the core functions of your computer because any error that you will never know can cause more problem than the automated queries.

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