Mumbai Man’s 42 Backflips At Juhu Beach Stuns Internet

The video of Salman’s 42 backflips at Juhu beach has gone viral.

A video of a man performing one of the most difficult forms of acrobatic exercise has gone viral. The video, which was shared on Instagram, shows a man named Salman Khan performing a series of backflips in front of the general public at Mumbai’s Juhu Beach.

The man is seen performing not one or two, but as many as 42 backflips without pausing, which is an extraordinary feat even for professional gymnasts.

So far, the video has received more than 37 million views and 938,808 likes on Instagram. Users were astounded by the brilliant acrobatic performance and showered praise in the comment section.

“If I ever did such a set, I would sleep for three days straight, Crazy set, SalBhai ,” said a user. Another commented, “This was 42 flips, but sooner or later 100 flips are coming on our platter “. “You can break the world record, try it, you can really first time I saw this much or flips great,” a third user said.

Salman has over 43,000 followers on Instagram, where he posts videos of his acrobatic performances and stunts. His latest performance at Juhu Beach is becoming very popular and earning him big fame in the virtual world. He covered almost the entire sandy stretch while doing backflips at dizzying speed.

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