How To Uninstall A Program Using CMD In Windows 10

If you have so many programs on your PC or Laptop, then it’s time to remove some unwanted programs. There are multiple ways of doing it, but here, I will tell you how to uninstall a program using cmd in windows 10.

We are going to use the special tool of windows called Windows Management Instrumentation Command (WMIC), which will make our work easy, and within a few minutes, we can uninstall the program from a command line.

So, make sure you read the complete article and follow the steps properly to get rid of unwanted programs.

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How To Uninstall A Program Using CMD In Windows 10

[su_note] For uninstalling a program using cmd in windows 10, you must use the admin account as simple users cannot use the command prompt for removing apps or programs.[/su_note]

CMD is a popular way or an advanced way of doing and fixing things on Windows. It’s an interpreter which is basically used for fixing up system faults and much more.

[su_highlight]Knowledge Info: Windows 98 and 95 users have to write ‘command’ to get started, and on the other hand, users who use other Windows can use the abbreviated term ‘cmd.'[/su_highlight]

Let’s get started with our uninstallation of programs or apps.

1. Go to the search bar and type cmd. Now, click right on the CMD icon and open with Run as Administrator.

2. Once it is opened, now type ‘wmic’ and press enter. It will now show you a path ‘wmic:root\cli>.’

3. After that, type ‘product get name’ and hit enter. Here you will see a long list of MSI-Based programs that you have installed through the windows installer.

4. Next, type product where name=”name of program” call uninstall and hit the enter key. Make sure you are putting the correct program name and don’t remove the quotes otherwise, the command will no work.

5. Now, Type ‘Y’ and press the enter button to confirm for uninstalling the program you want.

Wait for some time, and you will get prompted a return value of 0 once the program’s uninstallation is finished. And users who face an issue of No Instance(s) Available then, in that case, it means the program you want to uninstall is not acknowledged as an MSI based application. Or else check your program name and type it correctly to see if it’s working.

Final Words

So, this was a quick guide on how to uninstall a program using cmd in windows 10, and I hope you loved it. This a simple way to remove the unwanted programs that you don’t want to keep on your system. If there is confusion, you can comment your query in the comment section, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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