How to Track Lost Android Phone using IMEI Number

It is pretty common to lose your device he did by getting robbed or dropping it somewhere. Generally, users drop their Android device either in a cafe, movie theatre, metro, restaurant, or other places they frequently visit without them knowing about it.

But what happens when you can’t find your device?

You may wonder how to find my lost Android phone. At that time, you realize how important your device is to you and how much personal and essential data it holds. Here in this article on how to track lost Android phone using IMEI number, we will be discussing some of the simple methods you can use to track your lost device with the help of an IMEI number.

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What is The IMEI Number On the Phone?

International Mobile Equipment Identity is also known as IMEI number, is a 14-17 digit digital code. It acts as your device’s identity and is unique for each device. Its work is similar to that of an ID card. The only difference is that an ID card represents a person’s unique identity, whereas an IMEI number represents the unique identity of a device.

You can take the help of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) Or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service) to stop your lost device from making calls. Both GSM and UMTS make use of IMEI numbers to do so. 

What is the purpose of IMEI?

After losing your device, knowing your IMEI number can help a lot. With the help of the IMEI number, you can still control some of your lost device activities. You can try retrieving your IMEI number through online websites, applications, or other associated authorities.

The user can also decide to render it useless so that your device can’t be used by the thief or anyone who stole it. To do so, you need to contact your device carrier and ask them to blacklist your device by granting them the IMEI number of your lost device. This renders the device useless in terms of making and receiving calls.

Moreover, the user may not be able to go online using the mobile data even after changing to a new SIM card. This means the device will not make any calls or receive any more. Remember to verify your IMEI number when buying a second-hand device. It ensures that you are not buying a stolen device. In addition to this, you will also know whether the device is blacklisted or subjected to any insurance claim. 

Lastly, you can also use the IMEI number to get your device’s specific details like model number, brand, dare of manufacturing and release, and many other features. 

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Can we block the phone using the IMEI number?

Yes, you can block your lost device easily. It can be done with the help of your device provider; your provider can block lost phones. In case of a lost device, you need to go to the nearest police station to file an FIR. After filing the FIR, you need to contact your device provider with a copy of the FIR. After that, provide the device provider with your IMEI number and ask them to block your device. In addition to blocking, you can also ask them to track your stolen device.  

Can I Use Free IMEI Tracker Online For Lost Android Phones?

Are you worried about where to get your IMEI number from? You can quickly get your IMEI number using online websites and applications. You just need to visit your Google play store and search for an IMEI tracker online. You only need to type how to track lost Android using the IMEI number. With the help of an online website or application, IMEI tracking becomes relatively easy.

 You can start retrieving your IMEI  number firstly by reporting your stolen device to the associated authorities. Apart from waiting for a response from associated authorities, you can try using online applications. 

You can use this method in various ways. Some of the ways are discussed below.     

  • Using Online applications to track your Android devices.
  • Using an IMEI tracker to track your Android device.

How to do IMEI Number Tracking Online

You will need to take help from an online application or services to track your IMEI number online. Below given are some ways to track your IMEI number online:

Method 1: IMEI Number Tracking Location Online Software


Spyic is one such example of online software that can help you track your device’s IMEI number. Spyic is an excellent web service. Moreover, it also ensures the safety of your device. You don’t need to root the device; you need to track it in order to make it work.

There is no need to download any application from the Google play store. You just need to open any web browser by logging in to your Google account.

Spyic provides various tracking features. Some of them are explained below. 

Sim Tracking:

Sim tracking feature offers SIM details such as SIM code and phone number. This feature helps you in retrieving your IMEI number. Moreover, it also shows the location of your device even when the GPS is off.

Location Tracking:

This feature will show the live location of your android device. You can also check the check your recent locations along with the time span.

 Steps to Use Spyic IMEI Tracker Online for Lost Mobile:

Follow the instructions given below to track your IMEI number using Spyic.

Steps are:

Step 1: Create an account on Spyic and then get a subscription plan.

Step 2: Go through the setup process for Spyic. You need to download and install Spyic application on the targeted device to track the IMEI number in case of an Android device. 

Step 3: It will take some time to sync the data. 

Step 4: Tap on the Start button to initiate IMEI tracking.

Method 2: How To Find IMEI Number On Android Phone?

Now, since you are familiar with the IMEI number’s purposes, it’s time to get acquainted with how to get/ find your IMEI number. Read ahead to know about the ways to find the IMEI number of your Android device.

Dial *#06# From Your device

imei number

For this method to work, you just need to follow the simple steps given below. 

Step 1: Open your dial pad

Step 2: Type *#06# on the dial pad. 

Step 3: Now, dial the code given above.

You will see that the IMEI number of your device is displayed on your screen. 

Note: In the case of a dual SIM, the IMEI number of both the SIM cards will be displayed

Check IMEI Number In Your Phone Setting Menu

You can also get your IMEI number through your device settings. 

Follow the instructions given below to get the IMEI number of your device through the settings of your device. 

Steps are:

Step 1: Open the setting application of your device. 

Step 2: Find About device or system option.

Step 3: Tap on it and scroll down

Step 4: Then, tap on Status Or About phone option. 

Status of phone

You will get the IMEI number of your device by following the steps mentioned above. 

Find IMEI on the Back of your Android device

Another method to find your IMEI number is to look at the back of your Android device. The IMEI number can be either printed on the back of your device or it can be printed on the back of your phone where your battery is placed. 

Note: In case it is printed on the back of your device, it has non-Removable back covers, and if it is printed in the battery’s place, it has removable back covers. In selected brands of Android devices, you can also find your IMEI number on your SIM card. 

Check The IMEI Number On The Box

Another way of getting your IMEI number is to check the packaging box of your Android device. The IMEI number is printed on the sticker on the packaging box. You just need to look carefully.

Remember to note the IMEI number somewhere to secure it for future use. It is advised to keep your IMEI number personal and safe and not to share it with anyone as someone with shady intentions may misuse it.

In case of a stolen phone, when you forgot to keep your IMEI number noted somewhere, then you don’t need to worry. If you have synchronized your device with your Google account, you can retrieve your IMEI number from the Google dashboard website. Below-given are some of the ways on how to track lost Android using the IMEI number.

To retrieve an IMEI number through the Google dashboard website, follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account using the same credentials with which you previously synced your device. 

Step 2: Tap on Android. A list of registered devices will appear. 

You can check for your IMEI number from there as Google registers every device’s IMEI number after synchronizing with it. 

How to Track Lost Android Phone using IMEI Number

Below are the 4 methods discussed which you can try to track your lost android phone using the IMEI number.

Method 1: How to find my lost Android phone using an IMEI tracker application

You can make use of device/ phone finder applications. There are many such applications available on the Google play store. Some of these applications are: Find Lost Phone, Find My Device, SeekDroid: Find My Phone, and many more. Many of these applications can be activated using SMS or by using IMEI numbers.

Follow the instructions given below to locate your lost device using IMEI tracking applications. 

Steps are:

 Step 1: In the Google play store, search for IMEI tracker applications.

Note: Ensure that your device is running on version 4.4 or higher. 

Step 2: Download and install the application on your device.

 Step 3: Start the application.

Step 4: Permit the application to access your contacts, calls, storage, SMS, location, etc. 

Note: All the permissions mentioned above are necessary to activate the full functions of the application.  

Step 5: Tap on the continue button to move further. You will need to watch a short advertisement to move further in the process of tracking your lost device. 

Note: The only drawback of this application is that you need to watch a commercial. Unfortunately, you can’t skip the commercial. Without watching the commercial, you can’t move to the next step.

 Step 6: Now, enter the IMEI number

Step 7: After entering the IMEI number, click on the Track option. 

In a pop-up window, a list of places will appear. In this list, you will be able to see the close proximity or location of your device.

 There are many other functions of the IMEI tracker. It is advised to set a PIN lock on your device to secure it. 

Method 2: How to Track Lost Android Phone using IMEI number using Google

Using this method, you can track your lost device using your location address, i.e., GPS, rather than using an IMEI number.

Follow the instructions given below to find your lost device using Google

Steps are:

Step 1: Switch on the Latin access on your device.

Google keeps track of each device and can help you in tracking your lost device.

Step 2: Login into your device manager website and login with the Google account you are using on your device.

Step 3: You will be able to see the options to track your device on your screen. Moreover, it will show the real-time location of your device.

Step 4: You can also lock your device remotely by setting a new password or changing the existing one.

Step 5: It also offers an option to remotely delete all the data of your device. This will protect your data from getting misused.

Method 3: Lodge a Police complaint

You can also put the IMEI number of your lost device in the search process by lodging a police complaint about your lost device. When your stolen device is activated, or the user tries changing the SIM card, it can be tracked using an IMEI number. But the probability of finding your lost device through this method is relatively low.

Method 4: How to Track Lost Android Phone using IMEI number using Antivirus or Anti Theft application

You can also try Antivirus or Anti Theft applications to prevent your device from getting into the wrong hands. You can use premium antivirus software. When the user attempts to change the SIM card, your device’s antivirus application will block your device and ask the user to input a password.


With the rise in the number of Android users, there is also an increase in its demand. But with the increase in demand, there is also a rise in their prices. Moreover, there is a constant rise in cases of stolen devices. Thus, it is better to be extra careful. You may never know about the future. It might be possible that your device may get stolen the next minute. It is advised to keep a record of your IMEI number. After your device is stolen, it is difficult to replace your IMEI number.  

You need to act fast after your device is stolen. You can also use online websites to track your IMEI number in case you forgot your IMEI number. You can choose any of the methods mentioned above to know how to find my lost Android device.

These were some ways on how to track lost Android phone using IMEI number. In addition to this, you can also protect your device using a Password/ Pin lock. It will provide extra security to your device. If you think that the information mentioned above is applicable, then do share this article. You can also comment in the comment box if you face any problems while performing the steps.

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