How to Stop Websites from Redirecting on Android – 7 Ways

Redirecting is quite problematic as it prompts the user to perform actions against his/ her will. Nobody wants to watch advertisements when opening a browser to browse. When a user provides traffic to an unwanted website, it helps the little satan’s workers.

They force redirect load inside Iframe, i.e., Inline Frame, and then they burst out themselves. As a result of this, the user gets redirected to random web pages instead of their choice of content. Redirecting may also lead to the installation of unauthorized malware software.

Moreover, you may not know about these unusual actions taking place behind your back. It may be possible that due to this redirecting, your device may be affected by a virus.

Here in this article, we will guide you on how to stop websites from redirecting on Android. Read ahead for more information.

How does Redirecting Work?

There are many reasons behind using URL redirection, but most of the reasons are harmful. Web pages are available under various URLs due to redirection.

For example, many organizations register different sorts of so-called “misspelled” hostnames. Do you want to know why these organizations do so, then read ahead?

Suppose there is a company/ organization named ClearExam, and its official website is ClearExam.com. The company has registered all possible misspelled domains starting with “Clearexam.com,” “clearexam.com,” “clearExam.com,” “ClearExm.com,” etc. This implies that internet users accessing “Clearexam.com” will be automatically forwarded to the correct location, which is “ClearExam.com.”

 Below given are some of the reasons behind URL redirection.

  • For Shortening the Uniform Resource Locator;
  • Preventing broken links;
  • Targeting of the device;
  • For Advertising, etc.

Suppose there is an organization called Example Company, and its official website is example.com. The company has registered various misspelled hostnames like example.com, example.com, etc.

This implies that when the users access the misspelled hostnames like example.com, they will be automatically redirected to the official website: example.com.

 Below given are some of the reasons behind URL redirection.

  • Shortening URL;
  • Preventing broken links;
  • Targetting of the device;
  • For Advertising, etc.

Are Redirects Dangerous?

Generally speaking. URL redirection is an essential and beneficial part of the internet, but there is a problem. Cybercriminals and scammers and hackers generally use redirection to distribute malware software. Most users are not even aware that their devices are getting infected by viruses or any malware software. It will not take much time for the malware or virus to take effect.

 The indications of your device being infected by a redirect virus are given below:

  • If the redirection leads to suspicious pages;
  • Advertisements keep popping up;
  • Unknown changes in home/ search page;
  • Installation of applications from unknown sources.

Unfortunately, there are minimal ways of solving this issue of redirect virus. One of the ways to solve this issue is to do factory reset/ hard reset. The best way to avoid this issue is to be careful and prevention. Thus, it is better to stop redirect advertisements on Android devices to prevent further problems.

How to Stop Websites from Redirecting on Android

Cybercriminals or attackers generally use spiteful redirects intending to generate advertisements on the user’s screen. However, these redirects can create more damage to your device than they appear to be. They can abuse the vulnerabilities of the user’s computer and install malware or viruses on it. At this point, it becomes essential to know how to stop websites from redirecting on Android.

How to Stop Redirecting Ads on Android using AdLock

The best way to stop redirecting Ads on Android is to use AdLock. It is a very reliable advertisement blocker. For stopping redirect Ads, AdLock is the best option. It is one of the best ways to block redirect Ads on Android.

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Why AdLock?

AdLock is an application developed by professionals. Professionals have developed this application in such a way that it is capable of blocking even the most sophisticated ways of advertisement penetration. It makes your browsers, applications, games, messages advertisement-free.

In case you are an Android user and want to experience browsing without advertisements, visit the Google play store and download AdLock for Android. AdLock application also offers a 14-days free trial for newcomers to experience its advantage. By giving a free trial period, we provide customers with a way of experiencing its advantages and disadvantages and then choose to use it or not.

Follow the instructions given below to successfully make the AdLock and stop Ads from redirecting on Android.

Step 1: Download and install the AdLock application from the Google play store.

Step 2: At the top right corner of the screen, tap on the menu.

Step 3: Choose Check Updates, and then in a new menu, choose to Update All

Step 4: Turn on the AdLocker tab and activate HTTPS filtering.

Note: HTTPS filtering is essential to block/ avoid being redirected to other websites or web pages. Android devices are amongst the great advertisers. Thus, Google does not like when users try to block advertisements. Moreover, Google also pops up a warning in front of the users. It is essential to stop getting redirected to another website. 

Step 5: Press the Ok button.

 Then, the user will be asked to define/set a graphic key for verifying his or her identity for future actions. The user is advised to set a pattern or any other lock they may remember for future use. 

Note: The verification process is just for a formality. Adblock application does not collect any of your data. Moreover, it does not process, send any of your saved data. HTTPS filtering is needed to block advertisements on websites having a secured internet connection without turning on HTTPS filtering; you might not be able to block advertisements in the best possible way. 

While playing mobile games, advertisements pop up suddenly and cover the top and bottom of the screen; it is difficult for them to play the game properly. Although regular Ads can be closed by tapping on the X icon, video Ads can appear anytime and can spoil your game fun.

Thus it is better to be prepared beforehand with the help of the AdLock application. Some other ways on how to stop redirecting Ads on Android are given below. In case, AdLock does not work on your device or if you want to try any other method, read ahead. 

How to Stop Redirecting Ads on Android by Cleaning Browser

There are situations when your device becomes a storage space for cache and unnecessary files. Accumulation of these files in a large number indicates Google virus redirect. To prevent your device from Google virus redirect, you can try clearing cache and temporary files and data.

Cleaning applications like Ccleaner, App cache cleaner, Click cleaner, etc. After disposing of these cache and unnecessary files, you will see that your problem will be solved.

How to Stop Redirecting Ads on Android by Reset Advertising ID 

If you are still getting redirected to other websites, then it means that the problem still exists. The other reason behind these issues can be that you failed to perform the step or instructions properly. Besides opting for a cleaning browser, you can also try opting for resetting advertisements on Android devices. 

Follow the steps given below to reset the advertising ID on your Android device. Remember to follow the instructions carefully. 

Step 1: Open your Android device and go to the settings application.

Step 2: Search for Google in your setting application.

Step 3: Open Google settings and tap on Ads under the Services menu.

Step 4: Now, you need to click on the reset advertising ID tab.

reset advertising ID

Step 5: Lastly, click on the Ok button to confirm the advertising ID.

How to Stop Websites from Redirecting on Android by Removing uncertain Applications

It is possible that you might have installed some uncertain applications on your Android device. These applications may contain some viruses. To get rid of the virus, all you need to do is to uninstall all these unknown applications. 

Follow the guide given below to know how to get rid of these unknown applications.

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your Android device.

Step 2: Go to the Applications menu. From here, you can uninstall all the suspicious applications collectively.

Step 3: Select the applications you want to uninstall from the list of applications.

Step 4: After selecting the applications, tap on the uninstall option.


You can also try another method for uninstalling these suspicious applications.

Step 1: On your Android device, long-press the power button.

Step 2: A screen will appear, and you will have to press-hold the power button once again.

Step 3: Your device will move to Safe Mode.

Step 4: Now, you can easily uninstall applications that you don’t want using safe mode. 

Step 5: You don’t need to worry, even if you have deleted all your applications, as after the issue of redirection is solved, you can once again download your useful applications.

How to Stop Websites from Redirecting on Android by Looking at Notifications

Due to the development in technology, the Android user can decide which application he wants to give permission to and which applications he wants to run on his device. When there are too many applications installed on your device, you may want to permit only selected applications. Too many applications mean too many notifications. You can choose to show notifications of selected applications only.

To stop the notification of a particular application, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Tap-hold on the notification.

Step 2: A permission window will be directed.

Step 3: From here, you can turn on/ off the notifications for the given application.

How to Stop Redirecting Ads on Android by Scanning your device for Spiteful Software

Spiteful/ malicious software may affect your device’s working. You can perform malicious scans on your Android device to prevent them from getting downloaded on your device. Adware is malware software that contains a lot of pop-up advertisements. To stop this malicious software, you can install antivirus applications on your device. The Antivirus virus software automatically performs scans whenever needed.

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How to Stop Websites from Redirecting on Android in Chrome Browser

Redirecting of websites is generally faced by Android users. But you don’t need to worry as Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature to stop this problem mainly affects Android users, so Google embedded a default option to its latest Chrome version, which disables redirects. By editing the chrome flags, you can easily stop redirects on your Android device.

Follow the instructions given below to stop redirect on chrome.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and type the below-given command. After typing the command, press the Go or Send button.


Step 2: Choose the Enabled option next to Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture in the drop-down menu.

By activating/ enabling this option, the user forbids IFrames from guiding you outside the web page without your knowledge.

Will it work?

It is quite not sure whether this method will work for you or not. This chrome flag feature is still questionable, and it is not sure if this method is efficient in blocking your redirecting of Ads. In case your device is affected by an Android website redirect virus, this method will be entirely useless for you. You can remove the virus by installing an antivirus application or by doing a factory data reset.

How to Get Rid of Redirect Virus on Android

If you suspect that your Android device is affected by some kind of virus, you need to install antivirus software on your device. You can download a variety of antivirus applications from the Google play store. The antivirus application will check all your devices, including your applications, games, and files, for viruses and other threats. In case there are some threats, you can delete them.

If you have no idea which virus you should delete, you can choose any of the applications below.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is amongst one of the trusted antivirus applications for Android devices. It ensures your device’s protection by analyzing all your files and applications you installed or downloaded from unknown sources. Moreover, it provides various features making it one of the most flexible tools. Some of the features of Avast Mobile Security applications are given below.

Features are:

  1. Application Lock;
  2. Anti-Theft;
  3. Photo Vault;
  4. VPN;
  5. Firewalls for rooted Android only;
  6. Checking of WIFI speed;
  7. Privacy Permissions

AVG Mobile

AVG antivirus application is one of the most prevalent tools among antivirus and malware applications. It includes various features like periodic scheduled scans, WIFI security, Cleaner, Ram Booster, Photo Vault, Call and SMS Blocker, Power Saver, etc. It has a convenient and user-friendly interface making it easy to handle all complicated tasks in just a few minutes.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton antivirus application is another way of securing your device and blocking all unwanted advertisements and requests. Moreover, it also provides malware security and anti-theft features.

Some other elements of the Norton application are given below.

  • WIFI Security;
  • Safe Search;
  • Blocking calls and SMS;
  • Surveillance Application Protection
  • Safe Search
  • Android System Advisor


Lastly, these were some of the ways on how to stop websites from redirecting on Android. You can choose any of the methods mentioned above to learn how to stop redirecting Ads on Android. You need to stop this redirection to improve the working of your device and for a better experience. Moreover, it also protects your device from viruses and malware.

If you think that the information mentioned above is quite useful, then do share this article. If you face any problem while performing the steps, then do commentary in the comment box. Until then, keep reading with us. Thank you.

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