How To Screenshot On A Dell Laptop

If you are a new Dell user and wondering how to screenshot on a Dell laptop, this piece of information will take you through a few methods that you can do to get a screenshot of what you are watching on the monitor.

After all, it is important to be ready for a screenshot all the time because you will never know when your favorite or an important part will pass through the screen. You must be ready for capturing on the spot.

So, before going into the methods of taking screenshots, there are few things to be noted. Screenshot taking is some of the very easiest things that you can do on your computer.

Talking about Dell, specifically in this information, is an example because almost every Windows compatible device has the same ways of taking screenshots.

Moreover, you can also use some external help to take screenshots alongside the in-built screenshot capturing options. Keep the knowledge about all these options. You have to be ready when one option is not working.

There are two basic methods to screenshot that Windows provides in all its laptops and PC. After that, you can go with other options that do the same trick.

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How to Screenshot on a Dell Laptop – Best Methods

In-built Methods for Screenshot in a Dell Laptop

These in-built options available in Windows is the first two solutions for the question, and the question is how to screenshot on a Dell laptop.

You can either use keyboard shortcuts for taking the screenshot, or you can straightly open the application provided for it to take the shots.

However, there are keyboard shortcuts for most things in a Windows laptop, especially with the applications that come within themselves.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts for different purposes while you are working in front of the computer is a sign of experience and professionalism.

This statement does not have any importance in this topic but does not forget that simple fact. Besides, it is the way you can make all your work faster.

  • In most Windows laptops, including Dell, all of them have a special key named Print Screen or, shortly said as Prt Sc.
  • This key may come as an individual key or a combined key that has multiple usages. To take a screenshot through this key, one-click is all it takes.
  • Otherwise, you can do the same thing along with the Windows start button in the new device that will give an effect of snapshotting on your screen and save the screenshot into the system pictures folder.
  • When you click on the Print Screen key, Windows will take a snapshot of whatever you are watching on display at that time.
  • The snap will be saved into the clipboard, which is a temporary place to store files to copy or move from one place to another.

In the latest Windows models, you can set up the One Drive folder in your Dell laptop that can be accessed offline from your device itself or online from any device you use.

This screenshot you took will automatically get saved into the Onedrive folder of your computer, and it will get back up into the cloud storage whenever the device is connected to the internet.

However, this may not work in the same way if you are using an older Windows version such as Windows 7. Then you can save it in another way. Remember that all the old techniques are also applicable in the newer versions of Windows.

  • And we are talking about the snapshot of your screen that is currently saved in the clipboard. As the next step, open the Paint application on your laptop.
  • There you can find that typical white blank drawing page. Just paste the screenshot thereby using the paste button on your Paint application, or just use the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to do it.
  • After this, you can save this screenshot in the file format you wish through the Paint application’s file tab. Moreover, you can customize the screenshot inside Paint with all those tools available.

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Snipping Tool

The second method in how to screenshot in Dell laptop is by using the Snipping tool application that is available in Windows.

In this application, you can either use the keyboard shortcut or straightly open the Snipping Tool application and take screenshots using the buttons available in it.

  • The shortcut to take the screenshot using Snipping Tool is that you have to press the Start Key+Shift+S simultaneously. This will make the screen you are in behind a transparent black screen curtain.
  • Here you can see different shape options that you can select according to your preference and take the required position or region in the display you need to picture.
  • It will save the screenshot to the clipboard when you select the region you need to snap. From here, you can either do the same Paint application method explained above to save the screenshot.

Otherwise, you can just click on the notification and go straight into the Snipping Tool application and edit the screenshot you just took. There have many different options to customize the screenshot in Snipping Tool.

[su_note]If you have an updated version of Windows 10, then you might not see Snipping Tool. In that case, you can visit the notification panel and enable the Screen Snip option Or you can use the shortcut key Shift+Windows+S. And at the top of the screen, you will find the same options as the snipping tool earlier.[/su_note]

Taking Screenshot of Currently Active Display

There may be several windows opened on the display of your Dell laptop, and you have to take the screenshot for one specific window.

Here how it can be done very easily. Normally, you have to take the entire screenshot and crop it or select the region using the Snipping Tool.

In this way, it is more simple and handy when you want to take a screenshot of a specific window.

  • All you have to do is to press the Alt+Print Screen at the same time. It will take the screenshot as usual and avoid all other windows except the window you selected before taking the snap.


Here how to screenshot on a Dell laptop can be done. You can do it either way from the list of different methods mentioned above.

Besides, there are other ways to take screenshots, such as web browser extensions and after-market applications that will allow you to take screenshots alongside screen videos and other extras.

However, for taking a simple screenshot, it is always better to be simple and basic with the available features that are provided in the device itself.

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