How To Make A Blurry Picture Clear In Photoshop

People usually delete a blurred image even though they like it. Because they do not know that they can fix that picture. Yes, you heard it right, you can fix blurred images.

You also might be the one who gets concerned with photos that are blurry or unclear. So, now you don’t have to delete any of your blurry images. Instead of abandoning, follow our comprehensive guide on How To Make A Blurry Picture Clear in Photoshop.

We all know about Adobe Photoshop, a great photo enhancement tool or software through which one can produce and edit photos. It is considered one of the best software to make blurry pictures clear.

For people who don’t have Photoshop on their Operating System, various software is available that you can use online and perform your work. However, these tools do not come for free, and you need to pay a monthly subscription to them.

How to Make Blurry Images Clear With Photoshop?

Photoshop has all the required abilities to remove blurriness from the image with ease. There are many methods which you can test like Noise Reduction, High Pass, Sharpen Details, etc.

Method 1. Using High Pass

A quick method to get rid of the blurry image with High Pass. Follow the steps to do the same as mentioned below:

Here is the image where you can see the left side is blurred, and the right side is sharpened, and the blur is cleared.

How To Make A Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop

1. Launch Photoshop on your PC/Laptop and open the blurred image you want to fix.

2. Now, duplicate the layer from menu option Layer>Duplicate Layer or use the shortcut key ‘Ctrl +J.’

3. On your Bottom Right side, you will see a panel for Layers. Here you have to choose Layer 1, as shown below.

layers panel

4. Next, go to Filter>Other>High Pass. Here, you need to drag the slider to sharpen your image. The higher you will set the value, the image will become more sharpen. But again, don’t set the value too high, which may make your image grainy.

high pass

5. In the layers panel, you will see the layer has been dark. Now, from here, we will change the Normal Mode to Hard Light of the selected layer, i.e., Layer 1. At the same time, we will also adjust the layer’s opacity so that the image looks at its best.

Note: By default, the Opacity is set to 100%. But I recommend you to change and play with the percentage and set it as per the image. Like in my case, I have done to 80%. 

6. Alright, you are done with steps, and now your image should be much clear and sharpened.

Method 2. Using Noise Reduction + Sharpen Details

Safi Alam

1. Launch Photoshop on your system, and by pressing “Ctrl+O,” open the blurry image which you wanna make clear.

2. Now, make a Duplicate Layer by pressing the shortcut key “Ctrl+J.” You can see the Layer’s panel on the right side of the screen.

3. Go to the View menu and from there, select the “Actual Pexels.”

4. Now, visit the Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise. A dialog box will appear for Reduce Noise, and from there, you have to slide the adjustments for the perfect noise reduction.

What I have done, Strength on the high side, i.e., ‘9’, ‘Preserve Details 13%’ which is ideally low, ‘Reduce Color Noise to 3%’ again very low and ‘Sharpen Details to 48%.’ Also, tick the option “Remove JPEG Artifacts.”

Remember: You don’t have to follow the exact percentage for what I have done because the image size and quality also depend while adjusting settings.

5. Next, Go to View and select the option “Zoom Out” for the perfect view of the image in the center.

zoom out

6. Now, select the Duplicate Layer from the right side and choose the option from “Normal” to “Overlay.”


7. After that, go to Filter>Other>High Pass. Here just set the radius as per your image requirement and click Ok. Make sure you tick the option preview so that while sliding the radius, you can see the effect at the same time.

high pass

8. In the Layer’s Panel on your right, decrease the Opacity percentage as per the image for a slight fade in sharpening effect.

9. Lastly, go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. Here, you get three options Amount, Radius, and Threshold, to improve the image’s details. If you are with a high-resolution image, then make sure you set the value higher. For radius, you can choose a range from 9-15 and 0 -3 for Threshold. Finally, click the Ok button to apply.


Again, you can set different values as per the quality of the image.

Final Words

So, these were two methods which you can use to solve your query on how to make a blurry picture clear in photoshop. Both the methods are straightforward and pretty much helpful in fixing blurry images. But still, if you have any problem, you may comment down below.

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