How To Install Titanium Build On Kodi Firestick

Are you here to know how to install titanium build on Kodi Firestick? If yes, then you are at the exact post. Today, I will be giving every detail based on titanium build, including add-ons, which are quite useful for users.

As Kodi users know, without addons, Kodi is not functional, and that’s why we need these addons that can operate and fulfill our demands.

Now again…

You cannot fulfill all your wants with one or two add-ons, so for that, you will definitely gonna need multiple addons. And, it’s not easy to manage so many addons on your Kodi Media Player. After all, the most trickiest part is to install them individually and manage them separately. So, that’s why Titanium for Kodi is available for all this handling process with ease.

Titanium Build is quite famous and known for the most used Kodi Build over the years. The back of this build is popular because you get all the famous add ons in one place, and you can also install them very easily with few clicks. Moreover, the titanium makes the Kodi interface more attractive and fun to use with different new options.

Now, let’s go through the article and know exactly how to install titanium build on firestick.

Install Titanium Build

Before we start with installing the titanium build, we need to make some changes in our settings. Kodi’s security system is just like an Android phone where third-party apps cannot be installed without permission. Here, also, the mechanism is the same if you want to add add-ons. However, many addons are available on the official Kodi repository from which you can directly add and use the service.

But unfortunately, the titanium build is not available on the official Kodi repository. So, we will use the Supreme Builds Wizards, a great repository, and titanium build is a part of this.

It is safe to use Kodi Titanium build as trusted by lots of users, so you don’t have to worry. And to begin with, you need to disable the security option by turning on “Unknown Sources.” 

Step 1. Go to settings of your Kodi home screen from the top left corner.

Kodi Settings

Step 2. You will see a bunch of options settings right there. Click on “System Settings.”

System Settings Kodi

Note: People using Kodi 18 have to click on “System” to get started with settings.

Step 3. On your left side, click on Add-Ons.


Step 4. Now, enable the “Unknown Sources” if it is not enabled.

enable the Unknown Sources

Note:  You will see a warning message dialog box. You can proceed further and select the option “Yes” as it is safe to use.

warning message

Now, you can install any of the third-party addons directly.

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How To Install Titanium Build On Kodi?

Here, you will know the exact steps you need to follow to successfully install Titanium Build on Kodi. As already described, it is part of Supreme Build Wizards. So, we will directly install this repository, and from there, we can use Titanium for Kodi without having any issue.

  • Installing Supreme Builds
  • Install Titanium Kodi Build

#1. Installing Supreme Builds

1. Open the settings from the home screen and go to “File Manager.”

Kodi File Manager

2. Now, from the two-options on your left side, select “Add Source.”

add source

3. A dialog box will open where you will type the file source. You will see a <None> field. Click on it.

None field

4. Here, you have to give the desired URL – in the path field, as shown below. Remember, don’t put the wrong URL address; otherwise, you will not be able to install Supreme Builds.

put the url path

5. Next, you have to give the name of the source URL to identify it later. There is no rule on giving names so that you can choose any of your choices. I am giving here, “Supreme Builds.”

name the media source

6. Click “Ok Button” for successfully adding the source.

7. Now go back to Kodi Home Screen and Click on “Add-Ons” this time.

kodi add-ons

8. You will see an icon on your top-left side called Package Installer. Click on it.

Package Installer

9. After that, select the option named “Install from zip file.”

Install from zip file

10. You will see lots of options to select from the zip file, but you need to select the name you have given for Supreme Builds. Like, in our case, we have given Supreme Builds.

Supreme Builds

11.  Click on the “” The number mentioned in the image is the version number.

repository supreme builds

12. Wait for some time, and the Supreme Builds Repository will get installed.

Supreme Builds Repository Installed

13. Now click on the “Install from repository” from the same window. After that, click on the “Supreme Builds Repository.”

Install from repository

14. Here, click on Programs add-ons.

Programs add-ons

15. Now, click on Supreme Builds Wizard to proceed.

Supreme Builds Wizard

16. To install the Supreme Builds Wizard, click on the Install button from the screen’s bottom.

Install supreme wizard

17. Here also you will get notified once it gets installed.

supreme builds wizard installed

18. You will see some pop-ups which you can Dismiss right there.


19. Now, click on Continue.


Great, you have completed the steps for installing Supreme Builds.

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#2. Install Titanium Kodi Build

Now, we are here with the main part for which you are here, i.e., how to install titanium build on Kodi. So let’s get started.

1. From your Kodi Home Screen, go to Add-ons, and from there, select Program Add-ons. Now select the Supreme Builds Wizard option from the window.

Program Add-ons

2. After that, open the (Supreme Builds) Builds option.

Supreme Builds Builds

3. Here, you will get lots of options from where you can download it as available on various servers. However, you will get a fast download rate if you choose the server closer to you. Also, if the server doesn’t work, then choose another one. Here, I am going with the USA Server.

Titanium USA Server

4. Choose the Fresh Install or Standard Install option.

fresh install

Note: Fresh Install – This option will clean all the previous data, even the existing ones, and install Titanium Build from fresh.

Standard Install – This option will keep all your existing data, and it has nothing to do with installing new add-ons. So, you can choose this option also to install Titanium Build.

5. Based on option Fresh Install I get this option as shown below in the image. So, if you have chosen the same, then continue.


6. Great. Titanium Build for Kodi will start downloading.

Titanium Build downloading

7. After the downloading is finished, a message will get popped-up “Force Close” or “Reload Profile.” Go with the Force Close option.

8. You are all set to use Titanium Build on Kodi.

Titanium Build on Kodi

Notice: [su_highlight]We are not affiliated with KODI and it’s add-ons. As we don’t support any support copyright infringement.[/su_highlight]

Final Words

So, this was the whole article about how to install titanium build on Kodi, and I am sure you have loved it. Titanium Build for Kodi is an excellent way to start your content streaming flawlessly. You won’t find any unnecessary hiccups while enjoying your stream, and that’s what everybody loves about Kodi Titanium Build. It is rich in various media solutions and acts as a multi-functional service with a featured interface. Thousands of users are already using and have got some great reviews and ratings in the build line section.

If you have any queries regarding this build, then you may comment below. I will try to solve your problems with an appropriate option.

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