How To Get Chegg Answers For Free? Complete Guide In 2022

Here, I will discuss how to get Chegg answers for free to complete your assignments quickly.

Students life has become difficult day by day because of various assignment and projects. They are the ones who take so much pressure on their mind while continuing their studies. Regardless of the subjects, they also need to be mentally prepared for special classes that no one likes to attend. And, most importantly, they have to face exams where they hardly get enough time for preparation and revisions. 

All these things do affect them, but they have become habitual in their activities. I know studies are essential for their future, but we can’t neglect other aspects which are equally important for their knowledge and growth. Every student’s time is crucial, and therefore their queries or doubts must be resolved in the least possible time. So, the overall solution for this is to get help from the internet or a reliable platform.

With the help of the internet, students can learn every subject in detail over different websites. Thanks to the various websites that upload study materials, whether it is question answers, assignments, projects, and even help in daily homework. Although many platforms are available for grabbing free answers today, I will mainly discuss Chegg, one of the best suitable online education platforms.

Along with viewing Chegg’s answers free, I will also include some of Chegg’s alternatives where you can surf and find your answers. So, stay connected with the article to know how to see Chegg answers free.

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What is Chegg? And Why do you need it?

cheggIt’s an education technology company in Santa Clara, California, whose aim is to deliver answers to questions being asked by the students. More or less, you can say it’s an online tutoring platform where you open an account and ask your questions openly about any topic.

On the account, you have just to copy-paste your question there and send it. After that, the expert will answer your problem, and you can copy the same in your notebook. Here on Chegg, there is no relationship between you and teachers as their job is to answer the questions for what they are being paid. Moreover, you can get physical and digital textbooks for rental and even used books for an economical price.

But remember, Chegg is a paid service as one has to subscribe to their plan to get answers. Since everyone cannot pay monthly 14.95$ so to avoid this amount, students start searching Chegg answers for free. And of course, that’s why you are here to view Chegg answers free.

How To Get Chegg Answers For Free

#1. Free Trial By Chegg

If you have visited the Chegg Official website, then you might have come to know there is a Chegg free trial option which you can surely give a shot to it.

It allows you to access for 4 weeks (28 days) through which you can take advantage of getting solutions for your questions from its huge library of books. The database of Chegg solutions it substantial, and more than 25 million questions are explained with proper step by step guidelines. Moreover, you can even buy a book for your work if it is urgent or if you have to complete any tough assignments.

Apart from all this, if you have any queries, you can contact any subject teacher who can directly solve your queries. You can upload your questions directly and ask the answers for them. Sometimes, math problems can be hard to explain in writing, so you can watch a video from experts for a conceptual explanation.

Get the Chegg free trial – Step By Step Guide.

chegg sign up

  1. Follow the link to get on Chegg free trial page.
  2.  Now, you get here many options to sign-up like Apple, Facebook, Google, and your Email.
  3. If you choose to sign up by your Email and Password, it will ask you if you are a student or Parent.
  4. Select Student>High School or College>Enter your College. (And if your desired college is not listed, select the option “My university is not listed”).
  5. After that, you have to fill up the payment information where you will ask to connect either a Credit Card or a VCC.
  6. Once you are done with filling up details, your 4 week trial period will start.
  7.  After you have finished your trial period, you can either purchase the same or create a new account to view Chegg answers free.

#2. Search for your question on Google


Google is the most used search engine worldwide, and literally, you can get every piece of information for free. It has every solution for your needy requirements and queries.

Just like you searched for – ‘how to see Chegg answers free’ on Google.

So, it is straightforward to attempt your search on google and will get many desired results. But, your answer will only come in search results if someone has answered on the website.

Sometimes, you may search for the wrong question, that’s why you don’t get any proper results for what you are looking. So, makes sure you do a proper search, and then there will be high chances for you to get the answers.

#3. Chegg Answers on Reddit


If you are a Reddit user, then you may see great homework or assignment help opportunities. On the Reddit community, you can type down your question and wait for people’s responses. This is way faster sometimes than the Chegg platform, so many people are always active on Reddit. However, make sure you follow the community guidelines so that your account is safe from getting banned.

Also, there are separate Chegg Answers community where you can directly post your question and get the answers in a few minutes.

Visit CheggAnswers on Reddit

#4. Using Discord Chegg Servers 


You can even use Discord servers for viewing free Chegg answers for absolutely free of cost. It’s more like Reddit community only, but many active members are there compared to Reddit.

Here on Discord, you can visit servers and join them for posting your questions. Once you post the question you are good to go for your answers. Moreover, they offer quizzes, quick assignments, tasks for the ultimate enhancement of your education, and homework.

Visit Chegg Discord Servers

Chegg Alternatives – Websites Like Chegg Homework Help

There are many great alternatives to Chegg if you are looking for an alternate solution. These websites are helpful for students who face difficulty in their homework and assignments. After spending hours, I have some best Chegg alternatives. You should definitely try it and see how it goes.

1. Course Hero

You can count Course Hero as the best alternative to Chegg as it offers very similar features like a store of books, online teachers, notes, and documents.

Try Now Course Hero

2. StudyLib

Here is another alternative called StudyLib, where you get solutions and books. It’s a free platform where you have to search your question in the search bar, and it will show you the results. Moreover, you get many auto-suggestions solutions when you put down your question in the search bar.

They also come with a Chrome Extension, which you can on your browser for quick help. In addition to this, you can also upload your documents to get answers.

Try Now StudyLib

3. Slader

It is a much popular website for getting free answers to your individual questions. They have a large database that holds many subjects, books, questions, and answers. Moreover, they can solve any tough questions in a few minutes, like math problems.

Apart from this, they offer many languages, like Spanish, German, Latin. As I mentioned, they also offer textbook answers, which you can find in the book. But in case you are facing any trouble while searching book, you can use the ISBN search bar to get the precise book.

Try Now Slader

Final Words

I hope you got your answer to the query on how to get Chegg answers for free in detail. These were some of the methods on which you can post your questions and get answers very quickly. And, if you are a frequent user who gonna need answers then you can take the Chegg Premium.

If still, you are facing some issues then you may comment and mention your problem there. I will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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