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How to Fix a Broken Android Charger Cord

Android devices use a charging cable and port for charging. But what if these ports or cords are broken? The charger is a crucial part of Android devices. But what if the charger cord or port is damaged and your Android device stops charging? In that case, you don’t need to panic. This article will guide you on how to fix a broken Android charger cord and port.

Why do my charger cords stop working?

If your charger cord is not working properly, there can be many reasons for it. But the main reason is flexibility and bending of the charger cord. The inside wires may have broken or frayed due to the bending of the cable. When your charger stops working, you start replugging the charger or bending the cable to make the charger work. You can continue to twist the chord left, right, or unplug or replug until your charger stops working completely.  

Other than twisting the cable, you can also try using a new one to ensure that the cord is broken or the port is broken. If the new cable is able to charge your device, then try getting a new one. Make sure to get a good quality cable to get rid of charging problems.

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How to Protect Charger Cord from Damage

There are many ways in which you can protect your charger cord from damage. Some of them are mentioned below. Read them carefully to protect your charger’s cord.

Ways are:

Vinyl tube

Is your cable chewed by your pets or some other animals? One of the easy ways to protect the cables is to use a roll of a vinyl tube. To use this protective tool, make a slit on one side and then slip it over the exposed cables.

Spiral wrap

You can also try using spiral wrap. It protects your cord by acting as a protective cover. The best thing about this is that you can use it to cover many cables together. 

Use spring of a pen

If your charger cords easily get frayed, then you just need a spring from an ink pen. The spring adds protection to the cables and prevents fraying. To use spring as a protective tool, you just need to stretch it and wrap it around the cord.

Plastic weld cords back together

If your cord is already damaged, then you can try welding them together to repair the damage. You can make use of Bondic, a plastic welder. It can fix any damaged cord within one minute. You need to clean the damaged part and then apply bondic on it and repair the plastic with LED light present in the kit.

Paint a new cord

You can also use liquid electrical tape to repair frayed and cracked cables. There are many liquid electrical tapes; some of them are PlastiDip, Gardner Bender, etc. You just need to apply it and let it dry.


Another cable saver is TUDIA klips. They are used to protect a single lightning cable. But it is costly. Generally, they are designed to prevent damage, but they can also be used to protect the fragile ends of your cable.

To use this tool, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Slide one of the klips over the charger cord. 

Step 2: Slide it up to the connector.

Step 3: Then slide the lock over the klip to secure it

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How to fix a broken Android charger cord?

Electrical Tape

One of the most effective ways to fix a broken android charger cord is to use electrical tape. Electrical tape is available in different colors, so you can try getting one that matches your charger. You may need to replace the old tape with a new one as it may get worn out. Don’t use any other tapes as the electrical tape is specially made for electrical appliances. Moreover,  it is insulated.

Note: This method can only be used in case of minor issues. If your cord is severely damaged, then it is advised not to use electrical tape.

Step 1: Peel the tape and stick it on the damaged/exposed part of the cord.

Step 2: Now, wrap the tape around the exposed part. 

Step 3: After wrapping it once, press the tape corner on the exposed part tightly.

Step 4: Now repeat the wrapping process and wrap the tape two-three times to ensure safety.

Step 5: Then cut the tape after completing wrapping and stick the tape’s end down on the damaged part.

Note: Wrapping two-three times ensures that this method lasts longer and prevents the cord from future damage.

Step 6: Now, peel the tape once again and wrap it around either side of the damaged area. 

Step 7: Wrap the tape for two-three rounds. 

Step 8: Cut the tape and stick it on the cord.

Note: Covering the area around the damage with electrical tape strengthens the cord and prevents future damage.


Sugru is a flexible, sticky silicone rubber-like putty. Once applied, it hardens and acts as a rubber-like outer jacket.

Step 1: Open a packet of Sugru. 

Step 2: Take out the silicone rubber-like putty. 

Step 3: To make the putty warm and moldable, mash it back and forth for about 30 seconds between your fingers.

Note: Sugru can only be used to fix low-voltage wires like chargers or headphone cords. It is advised not to use sugru to fix high-voltage wires.

Step 4: Now, you need to roll the putty into a thin and long rectangular shape.

Step 5: To make the putty thin and long, place it on a flat surface and roll it in and out with your fingers. 

Step 6: Press the putty to generate a more rectangular shape so that it can be used to fix the exposed cable.

Note: A long piece of putty can easily cover your exposed wire, and it also protects the cord from further damage.

Step 7: After making the putty thin, wrap it around the exposed part.

Step 8: Try smoothing out the putty after wrapping it up.

Step 9: Make sure to wrap it tightly around the exposed part. 

Step 10: Now press the corners of the putty where they meet together.

Step 11: Rub the sugru with your fingers to make it more smooth.

Note: Press the sugru against the power block/ charger plug if the exposed area is near the wall adapter or power adapter end of the cable to ensure smooth repair.

Step 12: Leave the cord for about 24 hours. 

Step 13: Place the cable somewhere in the corner.

Step 14: After 24 hours, recheck the cable.

Step 15: You will see that the putty has turned into a firm covering for the exposed part.

Heat-Shrink Tube

Heat-shrink tubing is a shrinkable plastic tube used to cover and insulate wires. You can shrink it with the help of a hairdryer or heat gun. Exposed wires can be easily fixed using this method.

Step 1: Firstly, choose 2:1 ratio heat-shrink tubing with a diameter 2x bigger than the charger cord. Taking the ratio of 2:1 means that the tube will shrink to its half diameter when heated up. After heating it, it will gain the same diameter as that of the cable.

Step 2: Cut the tube twice as long as the exposed area. 

Step 3: Now, measure the exposed part.

Step 4: Double the measurement you have taken.

Step 5: Cut the heat-shrink tube using scissors after measuring the length (doubled one) on it.

Note: Cutting the tube as twice as the damaged part ensures that after heating up, it will cover the exposed part properly, and in addition to this, it will also cover some sections on either side of the exposed cable to prevent further damage.

Step 6: After cutting the heat-shrink tube, slide it over the exposed area.

Step 7: Make sure that the tube is in the center of the exposed part. 

Step 8: Placing the tube in the center of the exposed area will ensure that the tube covers the exposed area and an equal amount of un-damaged area.

Note: The heat-shrink tubing works perfectly for those cables which have only one end.

Step 9: Now start heating the tube with the help of a heat gun or hairdryer.

Step 10: Heat the tube on a high level and hold the heat gun/ hair dryer’s tip within about 1 cm of tubbing. 

Step 11: Move the heat gun/ hairdryer over the heat-shrink tube again and again until it shrinks completely.

Step 12: The tube will start shrinking as soon as you start heating it. You will be able to shrink it within 30 seconds if the amount of heat is correct.

Step 13: This will strengthen the exposed area and protect the cord from future damage.

Note: Don’t use an open flame to shrink the tube as it can melt the cable.

How to Fix Bent Charger

Many smartphone chargers use a pin attached to the plug to connect to the device. The pins used are very delicate and can break easily if hit against something. Moreover, they can also be damaged if inserted wrongly. Although these pin chargers are very tender, users can still fix them at home. To know how to fix a bent charger, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Note: There is a possibility that the pin might snap off while you try to fix it. This will make the charger useless. So, you need to be careful while fixing the bent pin of the charger.

Steps are:

Step 1: Look for the bent pin in your Android charger. You can also use a magnifying glass to see the bent pins if you are unable to see them with naked eyes. Make a note of the bent pin.

Step 2: Now, grab the edge of the bent pin using a pair of tweezers. Gently start pulling the bent edge towards a straight position. If the charger pin is badly bent, then it may take a lot of effort and time to make it straight again. You can follow the same steps for any other bent pin. 

Step 3: After making the bent pin in a straight position, plug the charger back to the phone. Make sure not to exert extra pressure while plugging-in the phone. If you find that the pin cannot fit in the android device, you need to check the pin once again. The resistance may be because the pin is still bent. Repeat the steps mentioned above to make the pin-straight and try again to plug-in the device. If the charger is plugged-in without any resistance, your effort to straighten the bent pin is not going to be wasted.

How do I know if my charger port is damaged?

Other than the charging cord, or pin there can also be a problem with the charging port. A loose charging port can also cause charging issues.

If you continue to use a faulty charging port, it may lead to the port burning, and you may even lose your phone. There are many ways to fix a charging port. Some of the common methods to fix a broken port are given below.

Can a charging port be fixed?

Yes, the charging port can be fixed. To fix the port, all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Shut down your phone.

Step 2: Remove the battery.

Step 3: Use a small thing like a toothpick to ‘lever up’ the little tab inside the port.

Step 4: Complete the above steps carefully and re-insert your battery.

Step 5: Now plug-in the charger and try charging your device.


It’s common for Android chargers to stop working or getting damaged. There can be many reasons for your charger not working. The most common problem is the damaged cord. This article was all about how to fix a broken android charger cord and I hope the above methods worked out for you.

If you face any issues while following the instructions, then you can comment in the comment box. If the above methods don’t work, then you can also visit a technician. 

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