How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to Android

The Xbox One controller is one of the most suitable controllers. Some say that it is the best. 

Did you know that it’s possible to use and connect an Xbox One controller to your Android device?

You can now use your Xbox one controller with android phones because of the release of Xbox One S. After its release, Microsoft started gearing its Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth radios. Generally, this feature was made for PC gaming, but you will be happy to know that it works perfectly fine with Android phones.

It will be useful for you to learn how to connect an Xbox One controller to Android.

So, let’s get started…

Controller Support in Android 

You can connect any wired console to your Android device if your Android device supports OTG (On-The-Go). Android phones and tablets generally use USB ports like Micro-B and USB-C to send data to and from a connected PC and charge. But OTG boosts the support for USB-based devices like mice, keyboards, flash drives, etc.

All devices don’t have OTG connectivity, and to find out if your device has OTG connectivity or not, you need to look at its product page. Moreover, you also need an adapter that will connect the male connector USB-A of the controller to the female Micro-B or USB-C port of the Android device. 

You can use Bluetooth to connect the controllers to the Android device, including Xbox one controller. 

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Does Android have an Xbox One controller support?

Google added Xbox One controller support to Android 9, but it needs Bluetooth when used with Android. All models don’t have this component, especially those delivered with the original Xbox one console. Moreover, you can tell the difference just by looking at the design of the controller.

Which Xbox controller is best to choose from for an Android device?

You can choose any Xbox controller to use with your Android device. But if you’re able to get an Xbox One controller which facilitates Bluetooth connectivity, then it would be great. 

Ways to connect an Xbox 360 controller to an Android device

To connect an Xbox 360 controller or a non-Bluetooth Xbox One controller method is quite tricky. If you already have a controller, it will be a cheaper way of enjoying gaming than buying a new one. 

The things you need to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your Android devices are as follows:

  1. A wired or wireless Xbox 360 or Xbox one controller.
  2. An OTG cable.
  3. An Android device that supports OTG cables.
  4. An Xbox 360 wireless receiver.

To use a wireless controller, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Connect your Android device to the OTG cable.
  2. Plugin the Xbox 360 wireless receiver into OTG cable.
  3. It will pair your device to the wireless receiver.

To use a wired controller, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Connect your Android device to the OTG cable.
  2. Plugin the Xbox 360 controller into an open USB port of OTG cable.
  3. Start the device now and enjoy gaming.

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to Android

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can refer to if you want to learn how to connect an Xbox one controller to Android.

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings application.
  2. Open Bluetooth settings. 
  3. Enable Bluetooth. 
  4. Press the Xbox button on the Xbox controller until it’s lit. 
  5. It will turn the device On.
  6. On the back of the controller, you’ll be able to see a USB Micro-B port and a sync button. 
  7. Press on the sync button.
  8. The Xbox button on top starts blinking. 
  9. It’s now in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  10. Go back to your Android device.
  11. Tap Bluetooth.
  12. Your Android device will scan other Bluetooth devices. 
  13. Tap the Xbox Wireless Controller.
  14. This will automatically pair the two devices.

If you prefer using an old version of Android devices, you can follow the steps given below to connect the controller to your device.

  1. Open settings application.
  2. Enable Bluetooth.
  3. Turn on the Xbox.
  4. Tap on the scan button on your phone to find the controller.
  5. Select the controller.
  6. It starts the pairing process.

Note that once you have done the pairing, you don’t need to follow the steps repeatedly. Just turn on your Bluetooth, and it will pair devices automatically. In case you have disconnected the Bluetooth, then you need to do the pairing again. In the former case, you must have your device on the Bluetooth pairing list.

If you have a non-Bluetooth controller, then you should follow the steps given below. However, to pair a non-Bluetooth controller with your device, follow the steps given below.

  1. You must have a USB Host-to-OTG adapter.
  2. Visit the Play Store and download an application called “USB/BT Joystick Center 2019” by Poke64738. 

Note: This application may not be free. So, be sure to read its description.

  1. Turn on the “IME” (Input method) inside the application.
  2. Select the input method. Make sure to select one that includes joystick’ in its words.
  3. Select the search button. Confirm if you want the ‘IME’ application to control your device.
  4. Finally, select your gamepad and enjoy gaming.

All the methods mentioned above can easily guide you on how to connect an Xbox one controller to Android.


Xbox controllers have become one of the most prominent parts of the gaming world. If you are using an Xbox controller on your Android devices, you can unleash your controller’s full power. You will gain unique and extraordinary experience, and it will be worth spending your time and money. This article covers all the ways on how to connect an Xbox one controller to Android. If you face any problem while performing the steps, then comment below in the comment box. Until then, enjoy gaming and have fun.

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