How to Clear Clipboard on Android Phone

Does your work require you to send messages and texts over and over again? Are you doing a marketing job, or do you have to rewrite messages very frequently? If yes, the best way to solve the problem of rewriting is to use the clipboard.

The clipboard or pasteboard is a specific place in your device’s memory where the device stores copied-pasted data for a short period. Users can reuse the data stored in the clipboard by pasting it at a new location. It stores the previous data until you copy or paste a new one. It is an inbuilt option for Android devices. You can paste materials like texts, links, images, etc.

But you also need to know how to clear clipboard on Android devices. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to clear the clipboard on Android devices.

How to Copy and Paste on Clipboard

Copy-paste is a simple thing, but it is difficult for those who haven’t used Android devices earlier.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to copy-paste material on a clipboard.

1.Select the text that you want to copy from any source like chrome, Whatsapp, etc.


2. The selected word will be highlighted in blue color. You can also readjust the selected text to select a specific word or line. If you want to copy all the text, then you can choose the ‘select all’ option.

select a word

3. Then, adjust the handles of the highlighted section to get just the words you want. In some applications like Twitter, you can’t readjust the highlighted text.

select the whole text

4. After selecting the text, select the copy.

5. Now, choose the place where you want to paste the text.

6. Tap and hold on to the area and select the paste option.


7. Tap on the blue or black handle to view paste options.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can become a copy-paste professional.

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How to Clear Clipboard on Android?

After learning how to copy-paste on a clipboard, now you will learn how to clear clipboard on Android devices.

You can easily store information and even view the previous information in history. But copying so much information and texts may reduce your storage space. Due to pandemic COVID-19, everything from office work to education is done on online platforms like Zoom meeting app, Meet, and many other apps, which results in copy-pasting many links and texts. Storing all these links and texts may give rise to various questions in the mind of the user.

Some of which are: how to clear clipboard on Android or how to remove links you copied on Android? This article will provide you with answers to these questions.

By following the steps given below, you can easily clear the clipboard on android.  

1. Find a clear option on your Android clipboard.

delete option

2. Click on the clips or the copied texts you need to delete.

Click on the clips

3. Now, tap on the delete icon. This will help you clear the clipboard on Android.

click on delete icon


I hope that this article has answered your question about how to clear clipboard on Android. Apart from clearing history, the clipboard has many other features. If you want to know more about these exciting features, keep reading with us. If you have any difficulty following the steps, feel free to ask us for help. We will be glad to help you.

If you found this article helpful and worth reading, please comment and share your views with us. Happy reading.

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