How To Bass Boost Spotify PC Windows 10

Do you want to make your best music composition on Spotify Web Player? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Many users are there who don’t know how to bass boost Spotify pc on windows 10? For such users, this article will be helpful in all possible ways.

But as you all know, Spotify doesn’t have an in-built equalizer for intensifying music in your own way.

So, to bass boost Spotify you need to enable the Spotify Web Player Equalizer on your windows 10.

The method is very simple to get Spotify equalizer on windows.

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How to Enable Spotify Web Player Equalizer on Windows 10?

Here is a short tutorial you can apply and use the equalizer to boost bass and make your own playback on Spotify. Follow every step as mentioned to get early success!

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome

Users who use the Google Chrome browser can simply launch it. If you don’t have a chrome browser then download and install it. The reason behind using chrome is because the equalizer app doesn’t work with any other browser.

Step 2: Open Chrome Store

Visit the chrome store and search for EQ – Audio Equalizer OR visit the link given here. It is one of the best equalizer apps for Spotify which serves the purpose quite well with no issues.

You will see an option “Add To Chrome” as shown in the image.


Step 3: Add Extension

Once you click on the add to the chrome button a dialog box will appear on top of the window. Simply, you have to add the extension and it will start installing the extension on your chrome browser. The size of the extension is very small so it will be installed in the blink of an eye.

Now, to access the extension go to the top-right corner of the address bar of the chrome browser and from there you can excess the EQ – Audio Equalizer after clicking on the icon.

Step 4: Using Equalizer on Spotify Web Player

Open your account on Spotify Web Player and choose and play any album or song that you like. Once the song is played click on the equalizer icon. You will see a dialog box of the equalizer. From there, you can change the presets, or either you can adjust the equalizer bars to tune by yourself.

Step 5: Setting To Bass Booster

It is the last step and you are all set to go. On the downright corner, you will the presets modules of the equalizer and by default, it will be the first acoustic. You need to change it by clicking on the down arrow and select the Bass Booster option.


So, this was the quick five steps for the query, “how to bass boost Spotify pc on windows 10”. I hope you got the solution for your Spotify web player. Now, you can enjoy every music in your own way.

If you have any doubt then feel free to comment.

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