30+ Service Listing Websites like Craigslist for Posting Ads

30+ service listing websites like craigslist: Craigslist is a classified advertisement website with different categories to select from, like Housing Rental and Sale, Items Selling, Services, Jobs and many more. Craigslist is founded by Craig Newman in 1995 and now its one of the most famous website for classifieds.

Every service is now founded on the internet, thanx to Craiglist like service websites. 30+ service listing websites like craigslist We have listed 30 such websites which are similar to the Craiglist website.

30+ Service Listing Websites like Craigslist

Service Listing Websites like Craigslist

30+ Service Listing Websites like Craigslist


This website is even far better than Craigslist, It uses other websites to tune up their services.


Locanto uses your location to give to items and services which are near your location.


Quikr is mainly focused on selling and buying items at first, now only provides one free ad and then you have pay for posting the ads.


This website is the best after Craigslist available in most of the countries.


This is one of the best websites for selling and buying items and services.

Penny Saver USA

Other good sites like craigslist personal and even much older than Craigslist itself.

US Free Ads

USA based website for selling and buying various kinds of items and services.


This site limits 20 free ads in their site and with the validity of 28 days, get all the items and services from this site.


This site is focused on the USA itself with the same thing all the website on this list does.

USA Today

One of the largest websites in the USA with millions of viewers, buy and sell items and services makes easier to get the job done. this is also one of the free classified sites like craigslist.

Ads Globe

This is a country based website and gives you result according to your geolocation.

Offer Up

This site gives a huge range of categories than any other websites to sell items. Services are less found on this site.


It uses your location to connect buyers and sellers.

City News

This is a neat site with a few selected items and services to offer from. It’s available worldwide and even gives medical services also.

10 Day Ads

Buy and sell items and services like other sites, but it is having a special condition. The ad will have on 10 days validity

Ad Toad

This not much famous site but you can still use its services like other websites. Mostly this site is empty but still, it’s worth a try.


Trovit is having only a selective category to post and search for. It is mainly for the house and cares for selling. If you have already posted in another site regarding this, then the ad will automatically show up here.


This site is simple to use, no need for account creating for posting. Carious items and services are available like every other site in this category.


This site is another one for buying and selling, most of its items listed on this site are vehicles. Other items and services are also available on this site, create a free account and take part in buying and selling.


This site is specified to sell your items to the pawn company, which make your item easier to get sold. You can even lend money by mortgaging your valuable items. 30+ Service Listing Websites You can also buy items from pawn company also from this site.

Classified Ads

Famous website to post and get items and services. They support various categories on their site.

Classifieds Giant

Classifieds Giant is another site which lets you post for selling and you can buy the various items and services. Create a free account to post and browse through the site.


Similar to all other websites, nothing special about this website. This sites mainly focuses on the USA, but also available for other countries as well.


This site’s name looks like someone randomly pressed the keys from the keyboard. But this is one of the best sites in Canada and it offers similar items and services like all other websites listed here.


This is having one and only unique condition. You cannot pay for certain items or services. You have to offer something in exchange for what you want to receive. In simple words, you can trade services and items.


Hoobly is another site where you can get all items and services just like any other sites. Create a free account to connect with the seller about their items.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be accessed through the Facebook website or from the app itself. 30+ sites like craigslist personal You can buy and sell any item here, along with the option to message directly to the seller on WhatsApp; if allowed by the seller. You can even get job ads for other services also.


This site like an eBay, it allows you to buy and sell all types of items on their site. You are even allowed to make a price offer before buying any item.

Trove Market

This site is similar to all other sites above, but this site only for selling second-hand furniture. Mainly home delivery is not available, but some of the sellers might give you that service also.


Buy and sell items with both cash on delivery and online payments. No need to pay any transactions charges in this site. There is also one of the 30+ Service Listing Websites like craigslist.

Advice for Shopping on Online Websites

  • Beware of Scammers and criminals with false Classified listings free classified sites like craigslist.
  • Don’t disclose your personal information like Credit or Debit Card or any other financial information.
  • Always go for Cash on Delivery, try not to pay before you get the item or service you are looking for.
  • If you are meeting with someone regarding any item, jobs or services; always take another person with you to be safe, and always meet in public place where a lot of people are present.
  • Share the meetup details with your friends and family.