5 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android Phone

Are you here to know about the Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android Phone? If then you are in the right place.

You might be seen numerous blood pressure app for android phone that is available on Play Store or any other Android app markets.

Why these apps are being used? The answer is that simple, which is to keep up your lifestyle healthy according to the blood pressure measurements done by hardware devices you use to measure.

That hardware device might be a smartwatch or any other blood pressure readers available in the market. All those devices will send the measurement to your phone and it is important to have a blood pressure app to convert it and make it understandable to you.

What about the pressure that is being currently applied by the blood on its traveling path (blood vessels)? And which kind of pressure from the two hypertension and hypotension is happening inside your body?

All these questions will be answered through a blood pressure app on your Android device. Moreover, almost every human beings encounter the symptoms of blood pressure sometime in their regular life.

Normal blood pressure count is decided as 120/80. Too much below or too much above pressure point than this level need an examination and advisory from a medical practitioner or doctor immediately.

If you are a person having a busy lifestyle, then it is impossible to be able to keep up the pressure count on your viewpoint all the time with all those special equipment.

So that these blood pressure apps will do a great job of giving live feedback about the blood pressure count on your body with no money spend from your pocket.

Why the Best Blood Pressure App is important

There are hundreds and even thousands of blood pressure applications that are compatible with different kinds and versions of smartphones.

However, all of them are not available in the play store but available from some other app market applications. Wherever it comes from doesn’t matter.

All you need is the best one of all those apps out there for your android phone and blood pressure measuring device. It becomes vital if you are a person who constantly suffering from high and low blood pressure conditions.

So, here are some of the best blood pressure apps for Android that you can try to keep as your companion throughout your daily life activities.

Best Blood Pressure Apps For Android Phone

1. Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

A system to keep track of your blood pressure measurements alongside the measuring ability is a good thing to have by your side.

This MyDiary app is that kind of application that will not disappoint you by any means because of its user-friendly UI and the features it has.

Besides, it is less complicated to use from the first use itself. All your read measurements can be logged in to the app and can be reviewed anytime you want them.

Moreover, if you are looking for the popularity of the application among the users, this application has 4.7 stars on the Play Store. Other devices can be used with this app to read measurements.

Beyond all, it will let you make summaries about the measurements you did on different things including glucose level, oxygen level, and weight along with the blood pressure measurements you did with any device.

2. SmartBP

First of all, this SmartBP application for Android has a very cool looking user interface that will never give a local feel for anything you do.

It has the ability to work along with any devices that can measure different things including systolic, diastolic, pulse rate, and weight measurement along with the main thing, that is blood pressure measuring.

After measuring, you can make a log of all these results and can make notes about all the outputs to keep track of your health routines.

This application also supports all the national and international standards of height and weight measurement that makes it easy for a person who is from any region to use it easily.

Reinder feature in this app will remind you regularly to take tests. Besides, it can also compare the different situations after and before you started a special medication and tell you that if it working for you or not.

3. Blood Pressure Tracker

Another application that can give an accurate blood pressure measurement and everything related to your health under one roof.

All the details including the pulse count are also can be measured and logged into the app and it will show in the statistics bar of the application.

It is very simple to add and remove details about the different types of measurements into this app and the user interface will never confuse you with a load of different lines and dots.

After all, you can backup the log in to anything that you prefer that include cloud storages and micro SD card storage on your phone.

4. Instant Heart Rate

This is initially an application that is named after the heart rate monitor applications but is equipped with multiple measurement capabilities.

It is more centered on the heart rate side of the human body for sure. Because of that, it has the approval of institutes like UCSF for cardiology research training and UCSF Health eHeart Study for accuracy.

The heart rate monitor that is included in this device has a quality level near to the ECG and EKG. So that all the measurement values are pretty accurate including the blood pressure measurements.

Besides, the syncing of this app between different Google fit devices is very easy that can be done with very few taps.

5. Blood Pressure Companion Pro

This is a well-known blood pressure measuring application among Android users that has a high rating in the Play Store.

It allows you to enter regular blood pressure measurement6 details and evaluate them graphically which is more understandable.

Besides, you can view the analysis on a full screen and can share the results with your friends, family, and other beloved ones.

Moreover, the backups of the measurements can be stored on your device itself or Dropbox using the internet.

You can regularly check up on your body weight with the weight companion mode in the application and can add widgets for this app to get live updates without opening the app every time you want to know something.


This was a complete guide and review for the best blood pressure apps for Android Phone.

Blood pressure applications are very normal in today’s smartphones and they all are being updated daily with programming that enables more accurate values in the measurements.

All you have to do is find a high-quality device that can measure blood pressure and no best thing is available then a smartwatch for this purpose.

So, get your hands on a better smartwatch that can read your blood pressure count and have other fitness features. Then start measuring your life mileage.

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