Amazon App Keeps Crashing Android – Several Ways To Fix

Amazon app keeps crashing Android is one of the questions that the technical professionals are answering for the past few months. Moreover, there is nothing to overthink about it.

The crashing of Android applications is not a new thing, and it does not happen all the time unless the phone lacks the requirements, or the app is poorly coded.

It happens for Android more than iOS because of the unlimited chances that Android gives to its users through both hardware and software.

There are thousands of mainstream applications, and one of them itself may have hundreds of alternative apps to work with the same account or do something with your account in the main application.

All available applications in the play store cannot be recommended for the best without any bugs or limitations. There will be something that always needs improvement.

Here it is about the Amazon app crash that is being happened in Android models. Besides, it needs attention because of how important is Amazon these days for online deliveries and other related matters.

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Some alternative sites and applications can satisfy you like Amazon, but most of them are not trustworthy or customer-friendly like Amazon. So there is only one way, and it is fixing the Amazon app on your phone.

Here are some options that you can try to resolve the Amazon app crashing issue by yourself before seeking help from the developing team or professionals.

The Reason Behind the Crash of Applications

There are different reasons that any application starts crashing on your phone because of the different resolutions, custom features, versions, chipsets, etc.

It may happen because of the weak chipset or the absence of required storage or memory on your phone. In other cases, this may happen because of the poor code design that the applications have.

In a final case, this might be why the faulty Android version you are using or the outdated garbage files that is interrupting other application’s workflow.

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1. Making Sure that the Amazon App is Updated

Before doing anything on your application and the data it uses on your phone, you have to make sure that the Amazon application on your phone is the latest version that supports your phone.

Developers are always working on new features and debugging the old versions to make the application’s workflow uninterrupted, so you have to keep up with them to keep going with no crashes.

You can check on the Play Store for the latest updates for all applications on your Android devices.

2. Force Stop and Restart Amazon Application

The first thing you can do to regain control and workflow over your Amazon application is to force stop the application through which you can halt everything that happens in the background and forward of this application.

To do this, go to  Settings and open Applications, from which you can select Amazon application.

It has an option in the application’s menu named Force Stop. Tap on that button, and you can go try opening the application again. Most of the time, this will work fine.

3. Restarting Your Android Phone

This is a method that everyone does whenever they face some problems with any kind of device. And it is popular, especially among smartphone users.

Even if it is the flashlight not working problem or the whole display hardware problem, the first thing that you may do is restarting your device.

You can also try doing the same thing to restart the phone and open the Amazon application again.

4. Force Restart your Device

The normal restart may not completely stop all the background running applications, so you may have to do a force restart on your device.

It will force every application on your device to stop and restart all of them when it starts up again. It can be done simply that you have to Press and Hold Volume Down and Power Button at the same time until it restarts.

5. Resetting or Clearing the App Data

There will be many cache files for the Amazon application on your Android phone that may cause some confusion in the information travel between the application and the phone.

You can clear up the whole memory used by the Amazon app in your phone to work as they excepted.

Remember, this will clear up everything cached in the memory that includes the profile you are using on your Amazon app. You have to login again into your account to continue using the service.

To do this, go to Settings and open the Amazon application from the Applications menu. Then touch on the Storage option where you can find the Clear Cache tool.

Select it, and it will clean up all the cached data from the Amazon application. Then reboot the phone just to draw that fine line of cleaning up the data.

6. Check App Permissions of Amazon Application

There are different permissions that applications need permission to work properly on your device. So, you have to go to the permission list of Amazon application on your device settings.

It can be found from the Application menu inside your phone’s Settings. Select the application, and you can find the Permission section in which you have to check that all the important permissions are allowed.

7. Reinstalling the Application

Doing this will clear up everything about your device’s application, so you have to foresee that before uninstalling it.

This will resolve most of the problems with Android applications because of the fresh start it gets on your device.

8. Free Up Memory and Storage

This kind of crash can happen with Android applications because of the insufficient storage or Memory space on your device.

You have to make some space for all those applications on your device to work properly without making the RAM and CPU of your smartphone, crying out loud for mercy.

A big load of unwanted cache files and empty folders will remain unnoticed on your phone from the earlier used applications and media files. So you have to find them and delete them soon to release some storage space for currently using applications.

9. Factory Reset

A factory reset of your device can resolve most of the problems that happened within your Android device.

That includes many software and hardware issues, so you have to try resetting your device into the factory mode as the last thing that can be done yourself to resolve the problem.

It can be found in the Backup & Reset option of your device inside the Settings menu.


Here is the information explaining how the Amazon app keeps crashing Android on smartphones and how you can solve it.

Moreover, all these options are also applicable to other applications that are installed on your device. However, some pre-installed applications cannot be uninstalled.

For those applications, you may not be able to do all these methods. But any of these points will work for any applications for sure. So, make yourself a small doctor for your smartphone and Amazon application and enjoy the benefits.

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